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Get to know the faces of Sapling Creative

Michael parsons

The husband, the dad, the one you can blame for all the plant puns.
I’m passionate about technology, design, storytelling, my family, and currently anything that doesn’t involve writing my own blurb about myself.
Short version: I’ve loved designing and have been creating and designing logos since my very first one all the way back in 8th grade. I’ve worked in IT my entire adult life, while passionately working in graphic design and marketing as a freelancer for nearly two decades.
From digital and print ads, social media layouts, and website design to band posters, logo designs, and billboards, I’ve done a bit of just about everything, and have loved every second of it.


Better known to most as just Jenna Blue, or Jenna Blue Photography, my dear wife is a much stronger force than just her photography skills (Which are fierce!)
Jenna has developed and executed marketing and advertisement strategies for a range of businesses including HVAC, Auto Sales, and Massage Therapy. She has brought numerous brands and companies from Google obscurity to front-page results.
Combining that with her eye for the perfect shot and awesome husband collaborator, she is the driving force behind the success of many.